Too Busy Making A Living to Make Any Money?

I had lunch with a client the other day who needed help with some major life decisions … as well as tips on how to devote more time to her real estate investing business.

She was already working 6 days a week, 12-14 hours a day … and basically felt it left her little to no time (or energy) to devote to real estate – which was her real passion.

I also met with another client last month, over coffee, to discuss some of the main challenges she was having in her real estate business as well.  Can you guess what her #1 problem was?

She called it … “running around like a chicken with no head”.

Also last month, I met with a group of prospective real estate entrepreneurs and asked what their #1 challenge was in getting started.  Many of their answers revolved around a common theme …

“Not enough time.”

“I’m too busy.”

“I’ve been assigned a project at work that’s literally left me with no free time at all.  And when I finally do finish up, I’m too exhausted to do anything else!”

“I’m working lots of overtime.”

“I work 2 jobs and go to school, I just don’t have enough time.”

This ‘too busy’ syndrome seems to apply to both ‘would-be’ entrepreneurs and savvy veterans, as well.  My newest client is already a real estate rock star … making 20-30k a month … with his sights now set on doing $100k+ a month.

Some of his main challenges?  Lack of a system, for one.  And yes … time management.

He says he’s already going full-tilt and “busting my a**” … so he’s not quite seeing how he can take on much more.  Yet.

Sound familiar?

Do you sometimes find yourself too busy making a living … and not spending enough time designing the life you truly want?

Time is the great equalizer.  We all have 24 hours.  And what you do in those 24 hours is where the rubber meets the road.

Do you treat time like the valuable, precious, and rare commodity that it is?  Or do you tend to squander it like it’s an unlimited resource?

One of the most despicable phrases I hear is something like “Let’s go kill some time”.  Man … I cringe whenever I hear that.  Killing time is like killing life … cause you ain’t getting it back my friend!

You see, the only difference between Bill Gates-type wealth, and someone barely eking out a living on $50k/year, is their mindset … and what they DO with their time.

And here’s another phenomenon to ponder: Have you noticed that many successful and super-rich people seem to have an uncanny ability to continually grow … take on new projects … start new businesses … and be in seemingly non-stop creation mode?

Think Richard Branson.

The guy owns/controls over 300 companies … is a committed philanthropist … does several media interviews each week … lives on and operates an entire island in the Carribean … writes books … works out regularly … and on and on and on.

And he’s still starting new ventures and creating and building new things at break-neck pace!

And he does all this working on the same 24 hours that everyone else in the world has … so how the heck does he do it??

Ahhh … that’s the million dollar question.

A good chunk of it is mindset, energy, and leverage for sure, but just as big a chunk is …

Time management. 

I know it’s not an exciting topic for some, but this is truly where the rubber meets the road.  It’s one of the ultimate keys for turning dreams into reality.  And for creating a destiny with laser-like precision and predictability.

Anyway, this topic and skill is so critical, I’ll be spending a lot more time on the art and science of time management and productivity in upcoming issues, so stay tuned for more!