This guy had a $70k month … during the holidays!

A couple of days ago, someone asked me … “What do you enjoy most about your business?”

Which I really had to stop and think about …

Hmmmm … that’s a tough question”, I said.  “Most of it is pretty enjoyable.  Not ALL of it of course, but most!”  (Maybe that’s because I delegate quite a bit … especially the stuff I’m not all that talented on or passionate about! J)

Let’s see … I really love doing things like putting together deals … creating marketing campaigns … working with our investors … and writing our newsletter.   Not so sure I can rank them in any kind of order of importance.”

If I had to give you an answer right now though … I’d probably say the most ENJOYABLE part is the opportunity to meet up and collaborate with some of the sharpest and most successful entrepreneurs in the business world.”

Sometimes we just brainstorm.  Sometimes it’s to help each other out in some way.  Sometimes we end up doing business together!”

To illustrate what I mean, let me give you a quick snapshot of a typical week

Last week I mentioned having lunch with a colleague who’s been involved in over 250 rehabs over the past few years and owns multiple properties in other states (these are just a couple of his current endeavors … he has a ton more going on!).

That was a pretty inspiring and productive exchange.

Then the next day, I met up with another colleague, a real estate wholesaling superstar who just had a $70k+ month in December – a time when most people slow down and check out, and when revenues typically spike down for our business.

Turns out he was just warming up.

He says he’s on target this month to have his best month ever … and even blow away the numbers he did in December!

How did he do it?  Lots of factors for sure, like persistence, determination, and massive action.

But one thing he specifically pointed to was the direct mail marketing template I laid out for him just a few months ago.  It’s the same one I’ve blue-printed for others, and use for myself as well.

Why did he have such massive success with it?  He followed it to a “T” … took massive action … and stayed consistent. No matter what!

That’s what successful people do, right?

Anyway, I’m putting together a special report that will spell out exactly what I showed him so you can have the same blue print as well, so stay tuned for that.

Then, later that same day … I met up with another colleague and friend who’s figured out a way to create a HUGE profit margin on every property he flips – even if he buys at close to market value.

How?  By adding an income-generating component to the property that he has a non-profit agency developing, staffing, and managing for him!

It’s a pretty brilliant example of how business can play a big part in solving societal issues.  It’s win/win all the way around.

It’s good for him because he makes a tremendous profit for orchestrating the whole thing.

It’s good for his buyer/investor because he/she makes a VERY healthy return on investment.

And it’s certainly good for the community because it creates jobs for the non-profit agency’s constituency, which includes many of societies most forgotten citizens.

Pretty cool stuff, isn’t it?

That’s a typical week.  And that’s the type of people I get to “pitch & catch” with on a regular basis.

Anyway, I’m just bringing this up to help you realize that this is the type of collective wisdom and network you get to tap into as one of our coaching or consulting clients.  And that’s on top of the extensive knowledge and experience that already exists within my own team!