The Ultimate Business Skill is … Probably Not What You Think it Is!

Heard this story many years ago that speaks directly to the amazing power of marketing and words …

One of Proctor & Gamble’s first products (back in the 1800’s) was a shampoo … that didn’t do too well when it was first launched.

Sales sputtered and the product was on the verge of being discontinued if things didn’t turn around quickly.

What would you have done?

Change the formula?

Beef up the sales staff?

Cut costs?

Sounds smart, right?

They didn’t do any of that.

Nope.  They brought in a marketing and branding guy.

Who comes in …takes a look at the shampoo package … and makes one small change.

Here’s what the existing instructions on the shampoo bottle said:

Lather. Rinse.

He adds one word.  Can you guess what it is?

Yup.  It’s the word “repeat”.

So after that small tweak, here’s how the new instructions read:

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

One word … which cost virtually nothing to implement.  What kind of result did it produce?

IT DOUBLED SALES … and Proctor & Gamble went on to become a consumer products powerhouse, and one of the largest conglomerates in the world!

That my friend … is the power of marketing and words!

It’s the ultimate leverage.

And I’m a leverage kind of guy.

That’s why I love real estate so much.  You can leverage in so many ways via financing, creativity, OPM, etc.

But as good as real estate is, I would say marketing provides even greater leverage.  And in my opinion …

“Marketing is at least 80% responsible for
the success or failure of your business”.

It’s darn near the whole enchilada.

Master this area … and business becomes a piece of cake.  Any kind of business.

Including your real estate investing business.