The Difference Between Feast … or Famine

Here’s a story that illustrates the power of words …

The setting is a busy downtown street and a blind homeless man is sitting on the sidewalk … with an empty can next to him for any ‘donations’ … and a handwritten sign right behind the can that says …

“I’m Blind Please Help”

The response he gets is lukewarm at best, with most people passing right on by, and the occasional person who stops to give up some spare change.

Later in the day, a smartly-dressed woman comes walking by the homeless man … takes the sign and scribbles a new message on the back … puts it back down … and leaves.

What happens next?

The amounts and number of donations he starts getting goes from a slow-drip … to over-flowing!

So later in the day, the smartly-dressed woman comes walking by again, and stands in front of the homeless man.  He reaches out his hands … touches her shoes … and realizes it’s the same woman.

Excitedly, he asks …”What did you do to my sign?”

She says, “I wrote the same … but different words”.

Here’s what she wrote:


Can you “feel” the difference?

Does that message tug at your heart-strings a little more forcefully?

That my friend … is the power of marketing and words.

A slight tweak … in what you say … or how you say it … can make all the difference in the world on whether you’re experiencing a feast … or famine!

It’s the ultimate leverage.

Master this area … and business becomes a piece of cake.  Any kind of business.

Including your real estate investing business.