Tales From the Road … the Power of a Story

I’m writing you on another train ride overlooking the beautiful French countryside … heading towards Paris … after spending a few days in the South of France.

Ever been there?

If you like wine … quaint and charming little villages … and lavender … you’ll definitely love this area.

The region also includes the French Riviera, so there’s lots of beaches, shopping and great restaurants as well, and of course you can gamble and hang out with the super-rich in Monte Carlo, if that’s your cup of tea.

Yup … you can do it all in the South of France. It’s a pretty fun place to be.

One of the things I got a chance to do was wine tasting at Chateuau de Pape (I think that’s right). Not really a wine lover (more of a wine ‘appreciator’), but this turned out be some fine-tasting wine.

Maybe it was the build-up and story behind it that made me appreciate it more.

Like the various types of soil and rock the grapes are grown on … and how the grape takes on the nature and characteristics of the ground. Or why the weather, climate, and wind has created one of the most perfect environments in the world for growing vineyards.

Then, before tasting the wine, you get to hear about the whole process of making the wine … the years and years it sometimes takes … how to tilt the glass and notice the color and texture to determine the age and maturity of the wine ... how to smell from different angles to get a different aroma … and of course, how to properly “taste” the wine.

You can’t just swig it down. First, you have to swirl it in your mouth a certain way … and let your taste buds absorb and adjust. Then you pause … breathe it in … and then appreciate the aftertaste and lingering effects of the wine.

It’s a bit of a process … and one big story on not only how that bottle of wine came into existence, but how to appreciate it.

It’s education marketing at it’s finest. And the best brands in the wine industry are absolute masters at it!

The power of a story.

It’s something that any type of business can employ. Including your real estate investing business.

There’s a story behind every property you sell.

Like how or why you acquired it. Or the history of the property and its previous owners. Or your unique process for rehabbing properties … and the quality craftsmanship that goes into every single job.

How and why you became a real estate investor can be a unique story as well.

So can your previous successes. And maybe even your some of your biggest flops … and how you recovered from them and became better as a result.

An early business mentor of mine really pounded into me the concept that “the more you tell … the more you sell”.

It’s a principle I’ve really embraced … and something I believe has been a significant factor in just about every single business breakthrough I’ve had over the last 2+ decades in business.

In my opinion, marketing is at least 80% responsible for the success or failure of any business … including your real estate investing business!

P.S. I have more ‘Tales from the Road’ to share wit you. Coming up, I’ll tell you all about the crazy story of ‘losing a $2.0 million check … and supposedly becoming an ‘International Man of Mystery’ … LOL.)