Retirement Sucks?!?

I was having a conversation with someone the other day and he asks me the question … “Do you ever dream of retiring some day?

“Why?” … I ask.

You know … so you could do things like travel the world … or pursue your hobbies … or do things you really love to do.”

What do you do for fun? Or recreation?

“That’s always been a tough question for me to answer”, I say, “because there really isn’t that ONE activity for me that I try to escape to. To me, it’s all fun!”

He looks at me and furrows his brow … a little perplexed.

I get it though.

If you’re in a job, business, or a vocation that really doesn’t inspire you (or you totally hate) … then retirement probably sounds like the ultimate dream. And it is, for many, many people.

According to a new Gallup survey …

  • 70% of Americans either hate their job or aren’t interested and just try to make it through the work day.
  • Only 30% of workers say they are into their work.
  • 52% are checked out … meaning they show up for work, but are pretty much sleep-walking throughout the day.
  • 18% are disengaged … and constantly complaining and looking for new jobs.

Sound pretty depressing, doesn’t it? No wonder retirement is a top goal for most!

If you’re in that same category, rather than looking forward to “Retirement Day”, why not find a vocation or business that lights you up and inspires you instead?

Do that … and you’ll never have to work another day in your life. And you’ll never want to retire!

Here’s how Warren Buffett described his typical day: “I wake up … skip to work … and when I arrive at the office, I see what I do as being like a blank canvass, and I’m Picasso, getting to paint another masterpiece.”

Wow, he’s in his 80’s. Think he’ll ever retire?

Billionaire Sir Richard Branson owns/controls over 300 companies … is still launching new ones and new ventures at break-neck pace … writes books … does multiple interviews every single week … lives on his own island in the Carribean … and is absolutely loving life.

Think he’ll ever retire?

Besides, if you structure things properly … you STILL get to do some of those other things you’re so passionate about – like maybe trotting the globe … or going on a mission in a third-world country … or becoming the next Van Gogh … or whatever floats your boat!

In my opinion (and in my experience as well), it doesn’t have to be an either or thing. As long as you have the right plan … and stay committed and consistent.

So anyway, if you happen to be looking for a vocation or business with no ceiling on income … that taps your creativity and where you get total variety every single day … where you never stop learning and growing … and you get to meet some of the sharpest and most enterprising people you’ll ever meet … becoming a Real Estate Investor/Entrepreneur, in my opinion, can be one of the most gratifying and fulfilling professions you could ever pursue.

If that resonates with you, here are some top resources that can help you get started on the right foot.