Remember the guy I told you about last week?

Remember James Robertson … the guy I told you about last week?

The one who walked 21 miles a day, 5 days a week, for over 10 years … just to get to and from his job?  Because he couldn’t afford a car?

Well he has a car now.

Thanks primarily to a 19-year old kid who got wind of his story, gets inspired, and decides to help him raise some money so he can buy a car.

What did he do?  He simply posts James’ story on a personal fundraising site.

What kind of response did it get?  Over 13,000 people end up making a donation!!

Why do you think this story struck a chord with so many people?

Was it the incredible loyalty James displayed?  Or his dependability?

His strength and stamina maybe?  Or his no excuses mentality?

His story reminds me of that quote by Woody Allen … “80% of success is just showing up.”

Sounds simple.  But think about it … how many people can you really count on to “show up” like James Robertson does?

Read the rest of the story here … and let me know your thoughts.