Profits That Lie Hidden in Your Network

As I mentioned last week, the second stop on my East Coast swing was the great city of Miami …

Ever been there?

If you like warm, balmy weather … beautiful people … hanging out at the beach in the middle of winter … good food in a festive & lively atmosphere (definitely visit South Beach if you’ve never been) … late night fun … championship-level basketball (Go LeBron James!) … or even snapping alligators (ok, maybe they’re not snapping, but the Everglades and all it’s natural wildlife is pretty amazing!) …

… then Miami just might be your kinda place!

Personally, yeah … I throw in a little bit of that kinda stuff if I have the time, but they’re usually not the main reasons for going on a trip for me.

You see, I really don’t take a so-called “vacation”.  They’re all “business trips” really … which you should probably take note of if you’re in business for yourself.  [NOTE: From a tax standpoint, it’s really helpful!]

And like I said last week, whether it’s for business or personal reasons, it’s ALL fun anyway … so what difference does it make.

But, I know not everyone shares the same sentiment and viewpoint …

I remember being on a first date a few years ago, and in the middle of dinner, she asks me a trick question …. “So how would you describe your perfect vacation?”

I now have a more ‘appropriate’ and ‘romantic’ answer I guess, but in that very moment, I basically just spoke my truth …

Hmmm … my perfect vacation?  Well, I think it would start off with maybe a multi-day seminar …”

A seminar?!?”, she yells out, “Your perfect vacation would be a seminar?!?”

Uhhh yeah … but that’s not all” I interject.

But it was all over at that point.  She never heard a word I said after that.

All she did was keep shaking her head, almost in disgust, and mumbling the word seminar like it was a bad, ugly swear word.

Needless to say … there wasn’t a second date!

What I meant to fully tell her (since she never let me finish) is that the seminar could be on a tropical island like Fiji or Tahiti … the topic could be on anything like living healthier, or improving your sex life, or real estate/business, or whatever subject as long as we get to learn something … and the second half of the vacation could be more of the typical tourist kinda stuff I mentioned above.

That doesn’t sound so bad, does it??  Oh well, live and learn!

Anyway, back to Miami.  I was there for a couple of reasons.  First, for a health & wellness conference, which was outstanding since health is one of my top 3 values.

And as I mentioned last week, I also like to maximize and enhance any trip I take however I can.  That’s why, anywhere I go, I typically like to hold some kind of event or get-together, like the Investor “Meet & Greet” we had last Thursday.

If you’re not making it out to our events (or anything similar), you’re really missing out on some huge potential alliances and opportunities.

For example, one rising star I met in Miami has direct access to an under-valued resort in the Caribbean … a commercial building in New York City … a couple of winery’s in Napa Valley … and exclusive access to a block of 360+ distressed homes sprinkled throughout Florida.

I’m guessing we’re going to become good friends and business partners.

Anyway, if you’re serious about growing and expanding your network, and all the opportunities that can lead to, I really encourage you to make it out to our events and get-togethers whenever you possibly can.

Stay tuned … and be on the lookout for our next “Investor Meet & Greet”.