My Top 5 Favorite Passive Income Streams

I think we’d all agree that the ultimate form of income is Passive Income, right?

You know, money you get on a regular basis ... that you don’t have to punch a time clock to receive.  In other words, it’s income that requires very little effort for you to maintain.

Examples include Royalties, Real Estate, Stocks with Dividends, Affiliate Marketing, Annuities, Commercial Property, Writing & Promoting an Ebook, Being a Silent Partner in a Business, Municipal Bonds, etc.

Lots of different directions you can go, but here are my Top 5 favorites:

Internet Income

There’s a ton of ways you can make money online these days.

You can create and promote an ebook … become an affiliate marketer and sell other people’s products … start your own Membership Program … create an app … start your own niche website … start a blog and sell ad space … start a YouTube Channel and display public ads such as Google Adsense … buy an existing online business … and on and on and on.

I currently have several online income streams, but 2 of my favorites are Affiliate Marketing and starting a niche website.

One of my niche websites was focused on selling to dog owners.  The product?  Dog crates, believe it or not.

Not any type of dog crate though, these were “designer” dog crates. :)

Anyway, this little niche website spun off $1,400 - $1,600 a month with very little effort, as all the business was generated via organic search.

Affiliate marketing is another one of my favorites.

It’s a way to start making money online, even if you have no product, service, or website.  And that’s because you simply team up with other companies to promote their products and earn a commission for each item you sell.

I especially like those products with a recurring income component in place.  For example, I just received a check last week for $425.50 … for a product I initially promoted over 2 years ago!

Note Investing

When you buy a note, you’re buying the mortgage loan on a piece of real estate and you receive the monthly payments, just like the bank.

This is another one of my favorites because your investment is secured by real estate … there’s no tenants or toilets to worry about (remember, you’re the bank, not a landlord) … it’s an ideal investment for your IRA or 401(k) … and your overall returns can be phenomenal (8-14% or more!).

If this is something that interests you, we currently partner with a Note Servicer who has over 3 dozen notes currently available, with interest rates between 10% - 14%, and all spinning off a cash flow between $200-$800 per month.

The price range of these notes is typically between $10k - $30k.

If interested, click here to learn How to Create Passive Income and Build Wealth with Notes – Just Like the Banks … and to also start receiving our weekly “Cash Flow Notes Hotlist”.

Private Lending

This is similar to note investing, but instead of buying an existing note secured by a piece of real estate, you’re the one originating the loan – just like a bank.

So who do you lend to?  Here’s one common example …

Many experienced real estate investors prefer to use private lenders versus going to the bank.  Including myself!


A whole lot less hassle … and we can typically get the money much quicker (a major advantage when buying!).

In exchange for that convenience and speed, a private lender can typically earn annual returns of 8% - 12% … which ain’t too shabby for a purely passive investment, wouldn’t you say?

If you’d like to learn more about our own private lending opportunities, just email us your name and contact information.  And please put “private lending” in the subject line.

Stocks with Dividends

Dividends are regular payouts made to shareholders of publicly traded stocks or mutual funds in the form of cash, stocks, or properties.  Most payouts are in the form of cash, which you should probably stick with if you’re main goal is building passive income.

As long as you’re willing to educate yourself and pick solid stocks, this can be a great, hands-free, income stream for you.

By the way, most of Warren Buffett’s portfolio consists of dividend-paying stocks.  Here are his top 10.

Real Estate

This is still hands-down my all-time favorite.

But just like with ‘Internet Income’ above, there’s also multiple ways you can make money with real estate, including: buying a rental, investing in a REIT, becoming a silent JV partner, creative financing, lease options, etc.

My personal favorite strategy?

Creative financing, which I define as the business of acquiring or taking control of properties by using one or a combination of the following strategies: take over existing debt, seller financing, or getting a lease option from the owner with the right to sublease.

Want to create money out of thin air?  Or be more like the bank, rather than the landlord?

This is the ultimate strategy for accomplishing that.

Our latest deal is a good example …

It’s a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home that’s being acquired for $91k, with no money out of pocket, no credit qualifying, and no banks necessary.

With zero money invested, it’ll spin off a “passive” cash flow of $432 per month … and net us over $54,500 in pure profit in just a few short years.

THIS is the way you should be building your real estate empire!

My other favorite real estate investing strategy?

Being a silent partner in a Commercial property like an apartment building, mobile home park, or self-storage warehouse.

Team up with the right operator, and this can be the ultimate form of passive income.  It’s true mailbox money!

Anyway, if either one of these strategies sound enticing to you, you’ll definitely want to consider joining my personal mentoring program.

It's turned out to be the single most impactful and valuable thing I’ve ever offered.  And the really good news is that you’ll be able to participate – regardless of your budget.

The focus and objective?  Creating lump sums of money up-front, plus cash flow every month, plus money down the line – on every single transaction – without the use of money, credit, or banks.

So that’s objective #1.  But what do you do with the money your real estate investing business makes?

Well, one of the exclusive opportunities you’ll have is the chance to participate on some of the larger investments that my colleagues and I are involved in.  Just pay for part ownership in the project, and start receiving checks without doing any work.

It’s just another way for you to increase your passive income.

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