Losing $2.0 Million … and becoming an ‘International Man of Mystery’

You might have run across a news article last week about a subway worker in Madrid, Spain finding a $2.0 million check.

Telemadrid in Spain broke the story, and the Huffington Post was one of the first news agencies to pick it up here in the states.

Here’s the article:


Is that funny or what??

I guess because the check was for a good amount of money and the fact they couldn’t find me right away created somewhat of a buzz … and turned me into a bit of a mystery man.

How did I hear about my stolen wallet? Just like everyone else. On the news!

Why was I missing?

Well, I was in the air all day … and then basically checked out for a couple of days recovering from jet lag. Basically, I was on a self-imposed time out. To recover.

When I finally get around to checking some email and phone messages, I see one from Madrid Police and the U.S. Embassy in Spain informing me that they found my wallet.

I’m thinking … “Man, what a surprise … I thought that wallet was long-gone!”

But they weren’t the only calls I received.

I also got messages from ABC Spain … CNN … the Huffington Post … a Columbian Radio Station … and most of the major radio and TV stations in my hometown.

My mother even called. Several times. Because she received a call from the U.S. Embassy – at 4am in the morning – to let her know that Madrid Police had my ‘belongings’ and that they ‘couldn’t find me’.

My poor mom … can you imagine what was going on in her head?

I got other calls and emails as well. From my brother. From other family members. From a few business associates. From friends. And even from total strangers.

Many called because they thought I was mugged, kidnapped or missing.

Like my friend Dennis, who called all the TV stations and even the FBI.

Or my buddy Marcus, who was about to call his dad who works for Homeland Security.

Or my colleague and friend Chris, who basically put out an APB on Facebook.

Many strangers called me as well, right out of the blue.

They read the story, did some research to find me, and then took the time to call or email me about my found wallet and check.

Just being good Samaritans.

That blew me away.

So I just want to take a moment to thank all of you who reached out and wanted to make sure that I was ok … and also that my wallet and check might be returned.

That kind of interest and concern is really humbling and uplifting … and truly reinforces my belief that the world and people are generally good. So thank you all for that gracious reminder.

So what really happened?

I got pick-pocketed. Clean. In the Subway.

It was such a good job … I had no clue. Didn’t realize a thing until I got back to my hotel room.

Gotta give that thief some credit … he (or she) really perfected his craft.

I did end up filing a police report, but I really don’t know why. Never thought in a million years anything would come of it.

That’s why I was totally surprised when I got the notification. And especially surprised about all the hub-bub it was generating.

It was fascinating to read all the comments people were posting …

“What an idiot, if I had a $2.0 million check I wouldn’t let it out of my sight!”

“The check’s not real.”

“Maybe there’s money laundering or illicit money involved. Or some kind of spy ring angle.”

“Why would someone like that be riding in a subway, and not a chauffeured car?”

“The check was written as a motivational tool.”

“Probably a psychology experiment by a college kid.”

“Hey, that is my check! Please contact me.”

Like I said, fascinating. And funny. And pretty amazing what people really think and have the time to ponder and spend time on.

So what’s the truth?

Let’s leave that to the imagination … and for others to worry about.

You and I have a lot more pressing things to focus on.

Like doing deals … creating value … learning & growing … making contributions … living our dreams … bringing our passions into the world … living with purpose … and creating total freedom and liberty for ourselves and our families.

THAT … to me, is what it’s really all about, and what’s most important.