How to become rich … TODAY!

I once heard an interview with Billionaire Investor, Sir John Templeton, where he was asked his opinion of the secret to attaining riches…

His answer?


Makes sense, doesn’t it?

When you’re feeling totally grateful, you don’t feel lack… you don’t feel scarcity… and you’re not feeling fearful.

Because gratitude gets you focused on what you have… not on what you don’t have.   And the focus is not on what’s missing, but on the abundance that already surrounds you.

And no matter what your situation or circumstance, I’m willing to bet there’s probably “something” you can find to be thankful about.

I remember listening to an interview with mega-author Joe Vitale, where he talks about forcing himself to be grateful, even when he was homeless and wandering the streets of Dallas.

He started with a pencil.  A frickin’ pencil.

Scoffingly, he starts listing off the reasons he’s “thankful” for the pencil…

I can use this pencil to write a suicide note.  Or to break up with my wife.  Or to write a scathing note to the editor of the newspaper.

Then he decides to look for some positive uses…

But I can also use it to write the great American Novel.

Or to create a new business plan.

I can write a great ad to sell my latest product.

Or I can write the ultimate love letter to my lady.

And if I make a mistake, I can use this rubbery thing on the other side to erase it and start all over again.

Very quickly, he begins to realize how “miraculous” a simple little pencil can be.  And be became totally grateful.

Not just for the pencil.  But for all of life’s little (and big) miracles.

Not surprisingly, he points to GRATITUDE as the ultimate secret to becoming instantly rich… and what truly began his ascent from homelessness and severe poverty… to multi-millionaire status.

Want to be rich?  Starting today?

Be in awe of life.

Notice the amazing abundance that already exists.

And start living every single day with an attitude of gratitude!

Do that… and watch the miracles start flowing into your life, because what you focus on – EXPANDS.

I believe that’s the ultimate secret that gratitude unleashes.


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