How One Client Increased Her Income by $504.00 Per Month – Without Getting A Second Job … and With No Extra Time, Effort, or Expense Necessary

I have a client who’s had most of her money stuck in a money market account for the past several years earning a big, fat, whopping 1%.

She hated that fact, and always told me that she wanted to move her money so she could start earning higher interest, but never acted for whatever reason.

Why?  Who knows.

Maybe it was a little complacency… or a lack of knowledge… or just plain ole fear of something that can seem a bit complex for many people – investments.

Well, she finally got fed up with the lousy returns she was getting and gave me a call a short while ago…

So we sat down… got clear on her financial goals… I told her about some of the investments I was involved in… and broke down the pro’s and con’s of each for her.

Which investment was she most interested in?

Becoming a Private Lender.

And with good reason.

Check out some of the amazing benefits of becoming a Private Mortgage Lender:

  • Your loan is protected – you receive a security instrument and a property as collateral and all pertinent documents.
  • You have no costs – the borrower pays all of the costs
  • You have excellent collateral – loans are based on 70% loan-to-value (LTV) or less on a given property.
  • You do not have to handle the details – all the details and paperwork are handled for you.
  • This is not a mortgage pool – you are in complete control.  You’re the bank.
  • You can liquidate easily – mortgages are sold daily and can usually be liquidated in a few weeks.
  • You choose the term of your loan based on your financial plan (6 months, 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, etc.)
  • You do not have to collect – payments are forwarded directly to your account.
  • Your earnings can be tax-deferred or tax-free – you can retain major tax advantages by using your IRA or Pension Plan.

So anyway, when she realized that private mortgage lending was a way for her to make 8-12 times MORE than what the banks were paying her – in a safe, secure, and hassle-free way – she immediately jumped on the first Private Lending opportunity I made available to her.

It was a $55,000 loan, well-secured by real estate, paying an annual interest of 12%.

And just like that, with a simple money-movement strategy… her annual income from that $55k sitting in her bank account went from a measly $45 a month … to $550 per month!

Over a 10x increase, without having to get a second job, and with no extra time, effort, or expense necessary on her part!

Passive income.  It’s the ultimate income source … and how you should primarily be looking to grow your cash flow and wealth.


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