Do You Know Which Buttons to Push?

Heard this story not too long ago …

A major piece of machinery breaks down at a local manufacturing plant that basically shuts down the whole plant.  At a cost of thousands of dollars being lost every single hour.

They bring in all their in-house mechanics and repairmen to try and fix the problem.  None of them have any luck … even after trying for several hours.

In a panic, the general manager calls around … finds out who the top local expert is … and calls him in to try and repair the problem.

A short while later, the local expert comes strolling in.  He takes a look at the problem, replaces a minor part, pushes a couple of buttons, and presto!  The machine starts humming again and the plant gets back to full operations within just minutes.

He walks over to the General Manager, shakes his hand and tells him … "Thank you for calling me in, that’ll be $10,000."

The GM starts flipping out and yells … "$10,000?!?  You were here for less than 5 minutes … what could you have possibly done to justify a $10,000 fee?  I need to see an invoice with an itemized breakdown!"

"Sure, no problem", says the local expert.  He then calmly reaches into his bag, pulls out a blank invoice, and writes out the following itemized breakdown:

Cost of Part:                                     $50

Knowing Which Buttons to Push:   $9,950

Total Cost                                        $10,000

When it comes to real estate investing, do you know which buttons to push?

As I look back over my own business career, having a coach or mentor has been THE single biggest factor that’s been primarily responsible for many of the breakthroughs I’ve experienced.

In my opinion, working with someone who already knows the right buttons to push is flat-out the quickest, easiest, and most powerful path to success that I know of.

And without a doubt … is the true super-highway to success!