Distress Sales

Here Are Some Examples of "Distress Sales" Our Clients Have Exclusive Access To...


San Diego, CA Home

  • 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms
  • 3,280 square feet
  • 12 year old home; corner lot
  • Quiet, well-established, middle-class neighborhood
  • Client Price = $540,000

This property was rehabbed at a cost of approximately $30,000, and resold at a price of $749,000 within 25 days!


Commercial Opportunity – 27 Condos

A group of 2 and 3 bedroom condo’s in one of Sacramento’s most desirable neighborhoods!

  • Market Value = $2,850,000
  • Client Price = $1,850,000 ($1.0 million below market value, or 65 cents on the dollar!)

These condo’s previously sold for as high as $253,000 each, and can now be purchased at an average unit price of $68,518


Midwest Duplex

Great duplex located in solid, working class neighborhood in the Midwest

  • Each side 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom
  • 1,848 total square feet
  • Rents are $600 per side; $1,200 total
  • After-Repaired Value = $75,000
  • Repairs: $19k
  • Client Price = $18,000 (76% below market!)


North Highlands, CA Fixer

Cute & cozy 3 bedroom home; quiet, working-class neighborhood. Great curb appeal, big private backyard, ideal for a quick-flip or a great long-term hold for cash flow.

  • 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 972 square feet
  • Client Price = $43,500
  • Repairs: $29,500
  • Estimated After-Repair Value (ARV): $115,000

This property was quickly resold by client for $130,000!



San Francisco Bay Area Fix & Flip

  • 3 bedrooms/1 bathroom
  • 1,268 square feet
  • Located in quiet & established neighborhood
  • After Repair Value = $330,000 (existing square footage)
  • Client Price = $200,000 (40% below market!)

This savvy and experienced real estate entrepreneur rehabbed and added over 800 square feet to the property at a cost of approximately $96,000 … and resold it at a price of $605,000!


Cash Flow in the Midwest

  • 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom
  • 1,300 square feet
  • Quiet & established working-class neighborhood
  • Client Price = $17,000
  • Repair Estimate: $8,000
  • After Repair Value: $70,000
  • Monthly Rent: $700

Here Are Some Examples of "Joint Ventures" Our Clients Have Exclusive Access To...



72 Units in Northern California

  • Purchase Price: $2.5M
  • Current Market Value: $4.9M
  • Percentage Gain: 96%
  • 35% vacant at time of purchase
  • Renovated over 50% of units and brought occupancy to 96% within 4 months.


60 Units in Prime Midwest Market

  • Purchase Price: $1.37M
  • Stabilized Value: $2.2M - $2.3M
  • Repairs: $40,000
  • MISC: Located in solid working-class neighborhood in prime Midwest market; same owner since 1976; owner was retiring and liquidating real estate holdings. Building was only 40% occupied due to lack of management and poor marketing of vacant units.
  • EXIT STRATEGY: Currently holding ... total hold period will be 2-4 years and will exit at a projected sale price of $2.2M or more.

28 Unit Mobile Home Park in the South

  • Purchase Price: $330,000
  • Repairs: $15,000
  • Stabilized Value: $725,200
  • Projected Cash-on-Cash Return: 40.9%+
  • MISC: Consists of 28 mobile home lots, including 22 park-owned homes. 3 acres of undeveloped land is included in the deal that can be developed into new lots. There’s a huge chicken processing plant located only 3 miles away from the park, and a Campbell’s Soup factory just 10 miles away, both of which employ hundreds of local workers, and create a strong demand for housing.
  • EXIT STRATEGY: Sell in 2-4 years at a projected price of $695,000 or more (which is a belowmarket price to facilitate a quicker sale).

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