Are You Unreasonable??

I read an article by Tony Robbins a short while ago titled “The 10 Fundamental Powers of Extraordinary Leaders”.

The one that stuck out for me was #2:

2. The Power of Unreasonable Expectations: To receive the ultimate rewards, you must live by the ultimate standards. Leaders are unreasonable men and women who refuse to be bound by the past, while reserving their most unreasonable standards for themselves.

How many times have you been told ‘that’s not reasonable’? Or ... “it has to be within reason”.

Who the &%^# says???

After being unjustly locked up for 27 years, it would’ve been easy for Nelson Mandela to come out and hate the world.  But instead, he became the president and united his country.

He was unreasonable.

He expected perfection … set standards that no other company even came close to … and expected unquestioned dedication, loyalty, and long, crusade-like hours from his development teams.

He was unreasonable.

But Steve Jobs and the amazing products Apple developed changed the world, and in the process … created the most valuable company in the world.

Unreasonable people shake things up, never settle for the status quo, and impose their will to bring their vision into reality.

So what’s my message?


With your goals … with your dreams … and with your life.

Why not aim for something that you or maybe even some of those closest to you might think is impossible? Or improbable?

Is it reasonable to believe you can …

Make over 100k on one deal?

Retire, financially free, by age 27?

Create money out of thin air?

Become a millionaire in 2-5 years?

Create a 6-figure real estate investing business – starting with little to no capital and seemingly very few resources?

None of that seems reasonable.  But you know what?  It’s totally possible.

How do I know?  I’ve either seen or personally experienced all of the above and much, much more.

So how about you?

Would you like to create a growing and prospering real estate investing business?

Maybe even a legendary business?

If so, it’s going to take total conviction and belief in your abilities … a healthy dose of going against convention … massive persistence … and without a doubt – BEING UNREASONABLE with your intentions, expectations, and goals!