Are You Suffering From Information Overload?

I ran into a friend a short while ago who I hadn’t seen in a while …

After a bit of catching up we eventually get around to the topic of real estate.  Turns out he has a burning desire to become a full-time real estate investor.

The problem and why he was having a hard time going after his dream?

He didn’t know exactly how to get started.

And this is a very bright and ambitious guy.

He was a real estate professional … had already invested in a couple of rentals … and is a pretty astute and savvy business person.

He talked with experienced rehabbers, wholesalers, and property managers … attended seminars … consulted with professionals … read books … tapped into online resources … and basically had a thorough and deep understanding of what it took and all the various ways you could make money as a real estate investor.

He had all the knowledge he needed.  But that was the problem.

He had too much of it!

He says to me “Man, I’ve read a ton of books … have read a ton of articles and websites … and have talked to several successful investors.”

One person tells me I should buy at the courthouse steps … someone else says no way, the margins aren’t there anymore and it’s way too risky.

I spoke to someone last week who said buying rentals and starting a property management company is the way to go.”

“Someone else tells me rentals are a pain in the ass and I should focus on flipping first.  And then I hear about the wholesaling method.”

“I know all this stuff … but it’s just too much.  It’s overwhelming!”

“All this information just gets me confused, and you know what?  I’m just not sure what to do.”

“I just need someone to tell me what I need to do … step-by-step!”

Sound familiar?

Can you relate?

We’re in the information age, where you can basically get an answer to any question you have – all with the press of a few buttons.

Just go on Google, right?

But man … there’s so much available, and so much coming at us from so many different directions, it makes it darn-near impossible to process.

Basically, the challenge is to be able to take any mass of information … and turn it into usable data.  And when you’re talking about gathering info for launching a business – like a real estate investing business – you really just want the information that truly matters and works, don’t you?

You just want the right strategies and the right approach.  Based on what your goals and objectives are, of course, right?

So anyway, if you’re ready to strip away the fat … eliminate the B.S. … and break the real estate investing business down to a ‘usable’, step-by-step Blue Print that makes things SIMPLE, here’s a current list of some recommended resources.