Are You An Over-Achiever?

I just ran across an article by Penelope Trunk titled “15 Things Overachievers Do”.

Here are a few that stuck out for me:

1. They let doors shut all the time.

High achievers understand that ‘when one door closes … another one opens”.  And also understand that focus and having a specialty is usually the quickest and most predictable path to success.

2. They talk about their weaknesses.

For me, understanding what you’re good at, as well as not so good at (while being willing to admit it to others), does 2 things: #1) It allows me to focus on my strengths, and #2) outsource/delegate/hire others for just about everything else (like accounting?).

3. They don’t talk about being well-rounded.

This is so true.  Can you think of any super-successes who might be considered ‘well-rounded’?  I can’t!

Think Donald Trump is well-rounded?  Or Bill Gates?  Or Martha Stewart?

To achieve great results at anything, you need a laser-like focus on something if you want to get great at it.

4. They don’t let themselves get fat.

This may not seem related and a little harsh, but think about it …

I know there are exceptions, but do you know many over-achievers who are obese?

Operating and excelling at a high level gets really tough when you’re seriously overweight … and your heart and body is working 5 times harder than it needs to be!

I think it was William Shakespeare who said “Fatigue makes cowards of us all.”

So true.

5. They get tons of coaching.

This is probably the greatest ‘success secret’ of them all.  The greatest achievers in the world, with virtually zero exceptions, were guided by a coach or mentor who showed them how to perform at their very best.

Tiger woods has a coach.  So does Michael Phelps (arguably the greatest Olympian of all time).

Eric Scmidt, the former CEO of Google, attributes getting a coach as the turning point in his career!

As I look back over my own business career, having a coach or mentor has been THE single biggest factor that’s been primarily responsible for many of the breakthroughs I’ve experienced.

In my opinion, working with someone who already knows the right buttons to push and has already been down the path you want to go … is flat-out the quickest, easiest, and most powerful path to success that I know of!

If you’re interested in finding the right coach or mentor to work with, please feel free to email us for our current recommendations (and please put “coaching” in the subject line so we give it prompt attention).