6 Tasks Every Real Estate Investor Should Be Out-Sourcing

By Bill Guting

I’m a big believer in using Virtual Assistants (VA) and outsourcing as much as you possibly can.

Like the following types of tasks …

Outbound Calls – Having a VA calling all your seller leads and getting lead sheet’s completely filled out is definitely a task you should be outsourcing … and one of the primary jobs for your VA.  Ongoing training though is absolutely critical!

Online Lead Generation – Your VA can look for and call on all FSBO and For Rent ads, and of course, getting you a fully-completed lead sheet.

Manage Your Social Media – Includes things like Facebook posts … a periodic tweet … or uploading a picture on your Instagram.

I know a lot of people enjoy hanging out and spending time on these types of social media platforms, and that can be ok I guess, but I often see it turning into a lot of wasted and idle time.

There’s just too many darn ‘distractions’ and interesting things on Facebook, isn’t there?!?

That’s the danger.

So why not just have a dedicated VA posting the occasional ‘business-related’ post for you on a periodic basis?

Posting Ads Online – Your VA can post ads for both buyers and sellers on a scheduled basis.

Run Comps – You can have your VA get comps for you right from your MLS, or from sites like Redfin, Trulia, and Total View Real Estate.

Research – Ever run across an abandoned property and would like to get the owners contact info?  Why not have your VA do a skip-trace?

You can also have your VA do things like finding material for your next blog post or article … or researching the best contact management tools … or the most responsive mailing lists … or find up-and-coming markets, etc.

There’s a few more things I can pile on, but that’s a good list to start out with.  I think the primary tasks you start out with should be marketing and prospecting-oriented.  And then you eventually start branching out and adding on tasks from there.

Until you eventually have EVERYTHING outsourced … and there’s nothing left for you to do!  J

I’m only half joking.

Although I must say … I do like the idea of taking yourself completely out of the equation.

That IS true freedom, isn’t it?

Now, I know that might take some time to get there, so what should you be focusing on in the meantime?

Your 20%.

Remember Pareto’s Principle (aka the 80/20 Rule)?

It basically states that 20% of your activities are responsible for 80% of your results.

And in your real estate investing business, your 20% would be …

  • Marketing & Lead Generation
  • Ongoing Education
  • Making & Negotiating Offers

These are your highest-impact activities.  Focus on and master these areas and outsource the rest.  This is how you create maximum income … in minimum time!

Good VA’s don’t just fall out of the sky though, so I would say expect to spend between 5-10 hours finding the right VA.  It’s not complicated, but making the right hire does take some time.

Here’s a great article that lays out a simple 5-step process for hiring a good Virtual Assistant.


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